Personal Information Collected: Curiosoft keeps track of a child's login information and primary e-mail address for the main purpose of allowing a child to participate in the community. We also have cookies to keep track of information needed for login. Additionally, we keep track of general use on the website for usage statistics and ways to improve the site.

The main use of the information collected is to give a member their due credit as they contribute to the community. At the same time, no real names or e-mail addresses are used. Every child is given a "membership id" that reflects their identity online. The child communicates with the rest of the community with this "membership id."

We do not disclose any personal information collected to third parties. We do attribute the contribution of a child to their login ID for the sake of giving them credit for helping the community.

Every parent or guardian has the option to remove or review any content and contribution of the child by contacting

If you have any other questions, please contact us at

Contact Information:
You can contact us at

In the case of postcards, we collect e-mail address for one time use to send the postcard to the recipient. The information is discarded after sending the e-mail.